About Us

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About us?


We’re Zen Pebble Cafe , a 100% recycled , Barista Coffee Pizzeria Surf Store Concept Cafe. That loves to Learn, Collaborate and Create.
inspired by Love, Nature, Fresh ingredients, & ”Kickass Coffee!”

What’s a Zen Pebble?

we have no idea, Let us know when you’ve figure it out?….

Our Story

We started out as a small pop-up cafe, creating both classic & new trendy fresh drinks inspired by the creativity & passion of our friendly barista’s and Liqui chef’s, to complement our mouth watering food. And upon a little success, more and more clients began to ask for Zen Pebble Cafe as a permanent  cafe.
Our geusts requests continue to inspire us as our cafe’s menu and cafe brand grew…


Today we continue to fulfill the needs and desires of our geusts with a menu of ingredient-inspired foods & products.
When you visit our cafe you’ll experience a cafe as you have never before…Hear the chopping of over 45 types of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, the sizzle of our ”gourmet dag-wood’s” & breakfast. You’ll see the flame from our woodfired pizza oven, feel the warmth and smell the pizza from our ovens working all day long.

Pizzeria Barista Coffee Surf Shop
Nestled in the heart of Uilenkraalsmond Resort, only 2 minutes walk from the beach and Boesmans river and lagoon, surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, Super-tube and mini golf facilities we cater to young and old with an unity conscious approach, as a Gansbaai restaurant our wood-fired pizza, Nachos, with over 20 flavors of double thick milkshakes , cocktails, craft beers, ciders, fine wines and some of the best locally sourced coffee will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Our Aprouch

We hope to have a positive effect on everything and everyone we come in contact with, ”this is like an unwritten motto”, for us its a way of life. Its our aim to inspire other businessesto try a more eco approach to business and support a ecofriendly lifestyle.

In Addition

to sustainable economical & social change, we believe passionately in travel, ”Coffee!”, good food, great friends, long talks, broadend horizons and an unity minded conciousness.

(We are also 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone spent a whole 15min a day smiling, drinking coffee, Just Being, feeling Gratefull & Open.)